2007 begins

1. Happy new year!

2. Happy new theme song! A new version by James Sherley is on the homepage - and here

3. Happy new myspace page! I've made a new page on myspace for the 20th project. Be a friend! The 20th January will be the twentieth "20th" since we began, so it's a good time to contribute if you've been meaning to for a while. It'll also be a Saturday, so there should be some time for putting a song together.

New songs (goodbye 2006)

There are new songs for download from The Bottle Thieves, Fisheads of Fun, Happy Accidents, Bagley, James Sherley, The Desks and Kane Black on our "2006 Annual". This christmas, why not give someone a burned CD?

The Annandale on the 20th

The Desks are playing at The Annandale Hotel on the 20th December. So are Hoffmann and Midnight Hysteria.

Because it's the 20th, The Desks will be writing and recording a song that day.

Also, just like every other 20th, you're welcome to write/record something too, and be part of the compilation. You could even save on postage and give me a copy of your song at the gig. Wow.

Hope you're well.

The Desks to play at No Through Road album launch

Here are the details of an upcoming gig. Imagine them in some kind of press release with lots of adjectives and quotes and praise, and I'm sure you'll want to come.

NO THROUGH ROAD (album launch!)

$10 // 8pm, 4th November 2006

The Hopetoun Hotel
416 Bourke St, Surry Hills

It's a saturday

Happy from now on

Ahh, Spring. Sitting on the porch and drinking tea, and being nostalgic. That's the life.

Not everyone can have a "porch". I don't. But there's this album by James Sherley. The album is Happy Forever, and it's new and it's available to anyone with a reasonable Internet connection and some kind of MP3 player. Beautiful, nostalgic songs. You can download them here .

You can still download the entirety of Calendars by The Desks. To do so, go here.

I don't really drink tea much, especially not if I'm being nostalgic.

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