Sharpen your microphones

Just a reminder: tomorrow's the 20th of November. As usual, you're invited to write and record a song on the day and send it to us.
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Have a great day, regardless. More news coming soon.

20th October done!

Another 20th has been and gone and all the contributions have been compiled. Thanks to Adrian from Telafonica for these amazing silkscreened embossed covers! And to all the contributors!

   1. A Tribute  - Commas
   2. Det Blir Nog Bra I Alla Fall - Fisheads of Fun
   3. Oh-NO-O-Sphere! - Melodrama Marmalade
   4. My Humble Address to the Peaceful Dinosaur 
                      - Lessons in Time
   5. River to your Right - Bagley
   6. I Don't Have What it Takes - Telafonica
   7. Seven Times - Community Musk
   8. Unlined, p1 - The Desks
   9. Cherries - 44Hertz

The 40th 20th

We're almost up to another milestone for the 20th, our song-in-a-day recording project. This Saturday is our 40th 20th, so to celebrate we're encouraging everyone to make as many songs on the day as you can!

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A year after his debut self-titled album, we get 5 new songs from Community Musk. You can download all of this musical new EP here. Check it out! It's good stuff.

home is where the home studio is

I've been running this project for my band The Desks where I've uploaded a song for people to record more instrument parts on top of it. It's working out well.

Go here to hear how it sounds so far and, if you like, record your own parts!

In other Desks news, we've been having an amazing time in Vancouver, but are slipping into "going home" mode. We get back to Sydney in about a month. Oh and I made a Christmas EP last christmas. Please check it out! Should have mentioned that earlier.

see you

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