The 60th 20th

On the 20th of May, we'll be up to month number 60 in our make-songs-on-the-20th-of-each-month endeavours!

You're invited to write and record your own song(s) this 20th of May. You don't need to warn us you're going to try. Just wake up on the 20th of May and write a song and record it and mix it (if it needs mixing) and when you're done, send it to us here:

Include your postal address too, because we'll compile CDs of all the songs and distribute them to everyone who contributed.

Put it in your calendar! Put a note by your alarm clock! Thursday 20th of May!

All styles welcome!

Local Fidelity CDs

This Local Fidelity comp CD is great! It has tracks from The Desks, Kane Black, Brave Radar and many more! Have a look at it and maybe buy it.

All money raised goes to FBi radio to help them exist.

The Heavy Metal Experience Incident theme version

Check it out! A new version of the Cabinet Pin theme song, very loud and up over there to the right! (Or just click here).

Thank you The Heavy Metal Experience Incident for recording this for the 20th. Much appreciated, even though it's a cover and strictly speaking that's against the rules.

Still Going

The 20th project is still going strong, still happening each month. If you want to contribute, you can. Tomorrow! The 20th is tomorrow!

Other than that, everything's quiet in Cabinet Pin land. If you have any comments or ideas, send us an email.

See you.

November Summary

The 20th of November CDs are made and will be sent out very soon! Lots of tracks this month...

   1. Voicemail 1998  - Fisheads of Fun
   2. Core Meltdown at the Modulation Station - Ryan of Nerf
   3. Our Blanket - Lessons in Time
   4. Shark Attack - Bagley
   5. Robot Forces - RainBoat
   6. Bubbles - 44Hertz
   7. To Some Extent - Community Musk
   8. Thank You To The Neighbours - The Lost Eyes
   9. Breathing - The Desks
  10. Don't Speak For Me - Telafonica
  11. Magnapinna - Iain Dalrymple
  12. Smattarang - Cloudy
  13. Everything in This - The Desks
  14. Darth, if it's a Boy - Love's Children
  15. Inifinity - 44Hertz
  16. To Shizzle One's Nizzle - Ryan of Nerf
  17. By The Old Road - Starlings in Snow
  18. Final Battle - RainBoat 
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